Chapter: Slimming

Slimming does not want discomfort, hunger and tasteless diet. 
If we want to have a sure and lasting result, with the least effort and without any impact on our health, let us use the following steps:

1) Have a clear and strong incentive.

Let’s find a resounding “why” for our slimming. Why do we want to lose weight? The more resounding this “why,” the more important it is for our lives, the more focused we will be on our target. It will keep our will strong and we will have more control in mind.

2) Forget the word “diet” and replace it with the phrase “healthy diet”. 
Let’s see it as a new beginning for our beauty and wellness. The word “diet” refers to the brain in a limited time of deprivation and discomfort and once we get to the desired result (if ever), we will return to our old fattening eating habits.

3) We change eating habits. 
A) We grow fruits and salads . 
Instead of reducing the amount of food, we increase its nutritional value! 
So we supply the body with the necessary nutrients (minerals, trace elements, vitamins, fiber). We manage to: 
~ Reduce the amount of our food because of a sense of satiety. 
~ Natural fruit sugars help us avoid the consumption of processed sugar. 
~ Detoxifies the body. 
~ Having more nutrients the brain feels good, and so we can have more control over the mind for the choice of food. 
~ We increase our metabolism. 
Attention : We make sure to makedelicious salads !!! Choose different kinds of vegetables and add nuts, seeds (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia, etc.), olives, olive oil, spices, lemon or vinegar. In green salads add if you want dressing with yoghurt, salt, oil and lemon. You can turn a salad into a regular meal, adding mushrooms or lean cheese or lean chicken or even macaroni. 
We also make delicious fruit salads by adding cinnamon, grains or yogurt. 
B) Avoid sweets and grease. 
~ We are only loading our calories without nutrients. 
~ They absorb additional nutrients to metabolize the body. B.C. we need more vitamin B when we consume sugar.
~ They move us away from our goal !! We will need more time and effort. 
~ If we select one of these, we put a small amount and sit down to enjoy it. We eat it slowly, realizing that the pleasure we need is growing. The delicacy lasts as long as the food is in our mouth, where there are the taste buds. 
~ We add as many hygienic sweet foods as possible, e.g. sweet fruits, royal doughs (not simple ones, because they have sugar syrup), tahini with honey etc. 
C) Drink plenty of water. 
We help the body activate, increase its metabolism and eliminate toxins. 
If we do not get used to drinking water and it makes us harder: 
~ We have a glass next to us and we drink slowly.
~ We enrich it with fruit or make cold cold tea to give it flavor and nutrients. 
D) We eat slowly and concentrate.
~ This prevents the body from mobilizing the saturation mechanism before we can consume too much food. 
~ We feel well, because it does not burden the stomach. 
~ We enjoy more of our food (the taste buds we said were in the mouth)

4) We detoxify the body. 
Necessary to activate the body and see a quick effect on slimming. It is also important to regularly detoxify during slimming, because burned fat releases toxins and can be trapped as fluid in the body. So, no effect on slimming will look even worse, it can hurt our health! See more

5) We find the emotional cause that pushes us into extra quantity or wrong food quality. 
Let’s see when we get out of our diet plan. Usually we do it when we have emotional charging. If we do not manage these feelings, our slimming effort will go wrong !! 
See more

6) We use machines and products in the body. 
We manage activation of metabolism, toxins elimination and fat loss (especially when the problem is local). There is a variety of machines and products and the right choice is after receiving a complete medical history from a professional aesthetic professional. 
See more

7) We take a break. 
Flower essences are purely natural formulations that act on an emotional level. They complement us with the energy we need to manage our emotions more easily, to be responsible for our goal, not to feel dependent on food, etc. See more 

8) Increase body movement. 
We start light workouts, walking, dancing, etc. Thus, the metabolism is activated and we increase the burns. 
Be careful! Choose what kind of movement we like, something we enjoy! With such choice and duration, we will have and will activate the production of endorphins, which are the hormones of happiness (the more emotional balance we feel, the more focused we will remain in our goal).

9) We take care of rest. 
When the body is tired we can not control the mind and feelings. So we take care of our sleep and rest.

10) We ask for help from someone we trust. 
He will propose a personal program, monitor our result and be responsible for guiding us. What we need from us is to faithfully follow the advice and be honest with him.