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Life cycles plan

Our life consists of cycles similar to the flow and rhythm of natural seasons. These cycles affect our thinking, psychological state, behavior and actions.
Having the wisdom of the 7 cycles, we are able to feel the energy flow in our lives, to also understand that we are not alone (there is supportive energy) and everything happens easily with the least possible effort.

I was taught this method by  Master Del Pe, a spiritual teacher from the Philippines. I have been applying this method since 2010.

The knowledge of the 7 cycles allows us to experience the absolute wisdom of nature! Everything flows with the least possible effort.

When do we need it?

  • When we want to make a schedule
  • To achieve our goals
  • When we want to improve our relationships
  • When we want to start afresh
  • When we want to resolve important issues
  • When we want to fully benefit from our financial transactions, sales and acquisitions
  • To liberate ourselves from emotional blockages(anger, complaints, sorrow,guilt, fear)
  • Τo lose weight or get rid of addictions

It is possible to combine our cycles with the cycles of others in order to:

  • Collaborate better
  • Settle financial issues
  • Improve or move on from a relationship
  • Find ideal wedding dates
  • Create better relationships amongst parents and children

The analysis is based our date of birth.
It has nothing to do with astrology.

Session time: about 60 minutes

Also available via Skype or Messenger

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