Self-Improvement Teams

Groups of people who have a common goal and are looking for ways to achieve the best result in less time and in the easiest way.

Target Audience

In sports and professional clubs and in groups of people who want to expand their potential.

But also to those who wish to:

Increase their performance on a physical, emotional and mental level

Expand their talents and abilities

Make the most of their day

Manage stress

Improve the quality of their life


In places that clubs or groups have, in places with spiritual quests, in gyms and outdoors, but also via the internet.


  • Emotional balance
  • Mental clarity
  • Immediate physical well-being
  • Improving health
  • Performance increase
  • Development of skills and talents
  • Opportunity expansion
  • Developing intuition
  • Improvement in quality of life


Preparing for greater efficiency during the day or before a sports game.

A complete preparation for body, mind and spirit, for the days that require the maximum of our abilities. Access to inspired ideas and maximum concentration on a goal.

e.g. for an important meeting, for fulfilling many obligations, for continuous days of intense program

How do we do it?

  1. Activate the body
  2. Improve breathing
  3. Mental clarity and alertness
  4. Balance of emotions to focus on the goal

Required time 30 minutes

Unloading from demanding days

There are days when they are charged with a lot of tension, urgent obligations or emotional pain. We need immediate relief of tensions from the body mental relaxation emotional discharge. This session offers you everything you need and also helps you have a deep rejuvenating sleep.

It offers immediate physical rest, mental relaxation, emotional relief, It offers immediate physical rest, mental relaxation, emotional relief, sleep improvement.

How do we do it?

  1. Elimination of tensions from the body
  2. Restoration of full breathing
  3. Get rid of unnecessary thoughts
  4. Connection with positive emotions

Required time 30 minutes

Discussions about different subjects

Analyze important issues to improve everyday life and achieve goals with practical ideas and effective techniques.


Indicative issues

How with our thoughts we can create reality

Positive confirmations for daily change

Negative emotions: how we use them to our advantage – practices

How can we experience love and the value of self-love?

Flower arrangements: The help of nature for health and wellness

How to create healthy and deeply emotional relationships

New era – 5th Dimension

Conditions for achieving goals

Basic habits for improving everyday life

Important reasons and behaviors that help us express our best self

How to increase our IQ

Balancing emotions through sound

Sleep improvement

Revival trips

Daily, two-day or multi-day excursions with the aim of rejuvenation (in body and mind) and socialization with people who have common goals, common way of thinking and common attitude to life

Careful nutrition, breathing, topic analysis, silence walk, Qi gong – Tai chi, group games.

Past team sessions

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