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Holistic slimming

  • Do you want to lose weight without discomfort, hunger and tasteless diet?

  • Do you want a guaranteed and long lasting result, with the least effort and without health effects?

  • Are you tired of trying miraculous solutions that end up in another failed attempt?

    Then follow our holistic approach, while taking care of the body, the mind and the emotions. All we want from you is your cooperation and you will have the body of your dreams!

Our approach

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Body, mind, and emotions are intertwined.

We deal with all three at the same time, in order to achieve our goal easily without deprivations, our result lasts and most importantly without harmful effects on our health!

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Diet approach

We propose a gradual change in eating habits. Hunger, unsavory diet, and deprivation, contribute to slimming failure. Our goal, therefore, is to adopt healthy eating habits and educate you on when, how much, and what to eat.

Healthy Menu Recipe Food Diet
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For us slimming has secrets, not a hassle!

We train you on what you need to do so that:

  • The body doesn’t store fat
  • The mind maintains clarity and temperance
  • You manage your emotions and anxiety

99+ of our customers have lost between 5-20kg during their therapy

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Our services

Counseling session

Taking a full history (medical, psychological, eating habits and preferences, hobbies) you are given practical guidance based on the holistic approach 

Diet plan

Based on the complete nutritional history (diets, preferences, allergies, habits), the hours of everyday life and the goal we desire, nutrition guidelines are given in order to have fullness from the food, high nutritional value, taste and adoption of healthy eating habits aiming at health beyond beauty

Movement and breathing

Videos with simple and targeted movements from Qi Gong and Yoga that eliminate tensions from the body, calm the mind and balance our energy centers for physical well-being, mental clarity and emotional balance. 

Fat measurement

Measurement of weight, fat (organic and visceral) and muscle mass. It is essential to know these elements when we follow a slimming program, because we can control the health status of the body and our result.

Energy healing

We get away from our diet plan when we have an emotional charge. With energy psychotherapy we identify and eliminate the emotional cause that pushes us to an extra quantity or to the wrong quality of food. In this way we turn slimming into an opportunity for a better quality of life.

Complete slimming solutions

Startup Fat-burning Program

from 166€ now 125€

Ideal starting point for controlling food-related emotions, bulimia, willpower enhancement).

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40days Program of Holistic Detoxification – Fat-burning

from 624€ now 450€

Ideal for people who want a strong start slimming. The program combines emotional balance with personalized body and detoxification treatments. Our goal is to activate the metabolism, create strong motivation and focus on the goal of weight loss.

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3months Weight Loss Program

from 1.555€ now 1.128€

It is a complete package for holistic weight loss, appetite and bulimia regulation, willpower enhancement and staying on target. Our goal in this program is to change habits for a full, balanced life and lasting results.

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Online solutions

Online Trial Slipping Package

from 105€ now 85€

The ideal program to get to know our services.

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Monthly Online Slipping Package

from 847€ now 597

Getting rid of bulimia, changing daily habits for health in the body, controlling the mind, getting rid of negative emotions that lead us to wrong quality and excessive eating. It is indicated for people who do not want treatments at our place and for people with limited free time.

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Contact us

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