Chapter: Detox

What are toxins? 
Substances that wear out the body, block the mind and negatively affect our mood.

Where did they come from 
1. From derivatives of the organization’s own processes 
2. From factory waste 
3. From electromagnetic radiation 
4. From detergents with skin contact 
5. From exhaust gases 
6. From food, water, drugs 
7. From vaccines, tattoos 
8. From overspending of vitamins and dietary supplements 
9. From anxiety

How do they affect us? 
1. Block oxygen transport in tissues 
2. Kill good bowel bacteria 
3. Prevent DNA synthesis 
4. Block production and synthesis of enzymes 
5. Increase adipocyte volume 
6. Increase acidity of PH 
7. Cause irritations and organ damage 
8. Block the absorption of vitamins and minerals 
9. Reduce body defense 
10. Boost energy flow 
11. Cause mental blockage

What are the symptoms of intoxication? 
In the body: fatigue, headaches, constipation, stomach swelling, dyspepsia, gas, excessive mucus production, inflammation of lymph nodes and arthritis, colitis, premenstrual syndrome, respiratory problems (asthma, sinusitis, sinus), allergies, bronchitis, skin lesions, stomach body and mouth, cellulitis, obesity, weight gain, metabolic blocking 
hair: hair loss, unhealthy appearance 
in mind: inattention, memory impairment, persistence negative thoughts 
increased voltage dependencies: tobacco, drugs s, sweet substances, 
alcohol, bulimia 
On emotional level:depression, irritability, addiction to negative emotions

Benefits of detoxification
● Improve health 
● Improve skin quality 
● Strengthen the immune system 
● Easier weight loss 
● Better breathing 
● Healthy hair 
● Increase vitality and energy 
● Increase self-purification of the body 
● Anti-aging 
● Mental clarity, increased ability to concentrate and memorize 
● Light- well-being 
● Mind control, anxiety adjustment

Detoxifying organs : Liver, kidney, lungs, skin, lymphatic system, intestine

Ways to detoxify : 
● We drink plenty of water 
● We avoid refined sugar 
● We prefer organic foods 
● We replace morning coffee with green tea 
● We eat probiotics 
● We drink natural fruit and vegetable juices 
● Avoid red meat and dairy 
● We drink tea from detoxifying herbs 
● increase the amount of vegetables and fruits 
● Do light exercise 
● well brush body 
● Grate language with special metal or with a spoon, morning and evening 
● We and sauna but Sacz 
● frequently ventilate spaces 
● We wear gloves in contact with detergents
● We improve the quality of our sleep 
● We use the Detox Foot Spa