Footbath for emotional discharge and mental clarity

After a busy day devote a little time to this technique with the foot bath and discharge body and mind from anything that negatively influenced you. I guarantee you will be better than the first time you try it. If you establish it immediately after work, you will realize how your sleep improves, you have more resistance to the stress of everyday life and the quality of your life is improved.

Follow the steps below for maximum benefits:

1) Find a quiet place and put relaxing music

2) Prepare a bowl of water at the temperature that is pleasing to you.

3) Throw into the water a handful of aromatic salts or coarse salt

4) Take a bottle of clean water and a towel near you (or better a kitchen roll to sweep and throw the paper after)

5) Place your feet in the water for 15 minutes , of which:
a) In the first 5 minutes you will think about the events that have charged you during the day and you will feel that you are sent to the water and relieved of them. 

b) In the next 5 minutes, you will try to keep your mind calm, as long as possible, with no thoughts. Once you realize that thoughts are coming – because it is not easy for the mind to stop thinking – feel as if you grasp each thought gently and distract it from your perception. I guarantee you that it is a constant effort. It is a lot of beneficial education of the mind. Alternatively, you can focus on your breathing or simply enjoy the enjoyable music you have put.
c) In the last 5 minutes, make positive thoughts, think of pleasurable things that have been or are waiting to be done, joyfully visualize your dreams made, think of your loved ones!

6) With clean water, rinse your feet and wipe them.

7) Throw away the water you used and you are ready!