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60-minute consultation

60-minute counseling on any issue that concerns us. With practical guidance and based on an energy approach, meaning what expands our inner self and can make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

Can help in:

  1. Becoming free from negative emotions. We deal with the emotions themselves and not with an analysis of the situation that may concern us. We analyze emotions from an energy point of view, so that there is a different, broader perspective on the view of the situation. Thus, with proper guidance and practical advice, we learn to manage each emotion more effectively. We feel in charge of our emotions, we gain self-confidence and certainty in any situation that may arise and cause us the same emotions. We gain empathy, understanding, optimism and re-enter the path of joy and creation.
  2. Clarification of a goal (professional, personal, social) and its realisation
  3. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks
  4. Any addiction
  5. Relationship management
  6. After completing an alternative psychotherapy session, when we need extra help.

With the purchase of the package, we contact you to schedule our session online (via Zoom/ Skype) on in our office.