Session to Eliminate Negative Emotions And Addictions


With anxiety, everyday life, rapid changes in social structures, and with the restrictive beliefs that have been passed on to us to be accepted socially, we lose contact with our real self, so we experience negative emotions, we tend to be dependent on someone or something, we lose our health, we block our minds and we constantly feel a sense of lack and inefficiency.

In this session of energy psychotherapy, in a completely safe, natural and pleasant way, the cause of our problems arises, we have access to inspired solutions, and ultimately everything that concerns us becomes opportunities for a better quality of life and stability.

When do we need it :
~ In panic attacks and intense anxiety 
~ Phobias, anger, guilt 
~ Depression, mourning, loss, divorce 
~ Autoimmune, prevention and cure of diseases 
~ Physical problems not detected by medical examinations 
~ Addictions
~ Relationship problems 
~ Lack of target in life 
~ Low self-confidence 
~ Adherence to situations of the past 

~ Sleeping disorders 
~ Eating disorders

 Results :
~ Inner peace and balance 
~ Self-esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness
~ Identifying restrictive beliefs and eliminating them 

~ We are experiencing relief, hope, and prospects 
~ Significant improvements in our health

It does not substitute classical medicine! On the contrary, it strengthens its effects because it eliminates the emotional cause that created the disease.

It is not related to religious beliefs.

There is no need for a detailed explanation of the event, but a simple reference to the situation that concerns you.

Session cost 50 € 
For a complete result package of 10 sessions 350 € 
Results from the first session. 
If you do not feel the difference from the first session, it is not charged.
Can be done through Skype or Messenger

Session Of Immediate Relaxation And Rejuvenation


When do we need it:
After a stressful day 
When we feel we are not experiencing the joy of life 
When we have mental blockages 
When we feel emotionally 
When we want to make decisions 
When we have any illness 
When the body defense has fallen

Emotional discharge 
Mental clarity 
Immediate physical well-being 
Better oxygenation 
Connection to our inner self

How to do it:
By choosing simple physical exercises, conscious breathing exercises, meditation, affirmations. 
It can be done by everyone, no need for specific knowledge or previous experience.

Possibility for individual or group session.

Duration: 1 hour

Body Detoxification And Mental Relaxation


A particularly beneficial stopover during the day for relaxation and rejuvenation. It combines Detox Foot Spa with mental rest (meditation).

Benefits: Unlocks body and mind and facilitates all their functions. We take care of our health and experience immediate relaxation. 
We offer aromatic detox tea to enhance the results and make even your most enjoyable experience! 

Time Required 40′ 
Session Cost 25 € 
10-visits package 190 €


Coordination In Joy


To learn to easily enter our inner joy, regardless of the situations we face in our everyday life. The joy in our lives is a choice.

How do we do it:
With theory and action on basic principles that help us. They are useful “tools” to improve our everyday life to the fullest extent possible. We work on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Additional Benefits:
Body Wellness and Vitality 
Mental Revitalization and Clarity 
Emotional Control 
Redefining our Life

Number of meetings: 10

Life Cycles Seminar


Life is characterized by circles similar to the flow and rhythm of the times of nature.

These cycles affect our thinking, our psychological condition, our attitudes, and actions. Knowing this seven-cycle wisdom, we feel that there is a flow in our lives, that we are not alone (there is supportive action) and everything is done with the least effort.

We will learn to associate our cycles with the cycles of our beloved, for more understanding and communication between us. By following the knowledge of 7 cycles you experience the ultimate wisdom of nature!